söndag 17 december 2017

Hells Angels’ angels

 Re-touched photos show the women behind one of world's most notorious motorcycle gangs in all their colourful glory

De flesta av de här bilderna togs av den amerikanska tidningen LIFE:s fotograf Bill Ray, som tillsammans med reportern Joe Bride följde Hells Angels under några veckor 1965. Då var de läderklädda rebellerna ett nytt inslag i det amerikanska samhället – och lika exotiska för tidningens LIFE:s läsekrets
  • A photo series from 1960s and 1970s documenting the women of the Hells Angels have been colourised
  • Irish photographer Matt Loughrey uses a digital pen and paper to apply colour textures to the images
  • The newly retouched shots shows the motorcycle gang's female members astride their Harley-Davidsons
  • Hells Angels established notoriety as a 1960s counterculture movement in San Francisco and elsewhere
A photo series documenting the women of the Hells Angels has been re-touched in colour to provide a fresh look into the females behind the world's most notorious motorcycle gang.
The original pictures were taken in the 1960s and 1970s, at the height of the Hells Angels infamy in the public eye - often linked to the drug trade but also to figures The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and journalist Hunter S. Thompson.
Most of these images were taken by LIFE magazine photographer Bill Ray, according to Matt Loughrey, who decided to take the time to add some colour to the iconic shots.
Mr Loughrey, 39, is an Irish photographer who works at My Colorful Past in Westport, a company that colorises historical photos in order to ensure they're preserved and remembered.


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