onsdag 9 maj 2012

Inside Schwarze Schar

To become a full member, and to get a SSFI (Schwarze Schar Für Immer – 'Black Flock For Ever') tattoo inside your lower lip, you have to go through various stages of testing and hazing. After that, the club is always your number one priority; if you fail to show up for the meetings on time, you have to pay, and you must always help maintain the clubhouse. Which, by the way, was one of the cleanest drinking establishments I’ve ever seen in my life.

They hang out together five to seven times a week: They lift weights four times a week and attend mandatory Krav Maga training sessions every Wednesday night. There’s also the typical set of obvious rules that includes things like never touching your buddy’s girl or stealing from the club.

As in most MCs (obviously that's MC for 'Motorcycle Club', not 'Master of Ceremonies') they call each other brothers, and I couldn’t shake the impression that the club means more to some of them than their own family. If one of the guys ends up in prison, like a guy called Chris 1%er is at the moment, they support him financially during and after incarceration.

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