måndag 14 maj 2012

Cops uncover Hells Angels link to corporate giant Visy

EXCLUSIVE: THE multi-billion dollar Visy packaging company is allegedly using the Hells Angels to collect bad debts and act as "problem solvers". 

Senior police sources told the Herald Sun police intelligence files have recorded links between Visy and the notorious bikie gang, and detectives are monitoring the connection.
Police and industry sources also revealed other bikie gangs and underworld figures have moved into debt collecting since the State Government last year scrapped the need for debt collectors to be licensed.
Supt Gerry Ryan, head of bikie gang Taskforce Echo, said he couldn't comment on specific companies, but confirmed police had received intelligence that some businesses and individuals were using bikies to collect debts.

"We are monitoring this closely," he said.
"Taskforce Echo has received recent intelligence of instances where members of outlaw motorcycle gangs have been used to collect debts from individuals and businesses," Supt Ryan told the Herald Sun.

"We are monitoring these activities closely and will act swiftly if offences are being committed, including the use of physical force, harassment and intimidation tactics."
A spokesman for Visy described the bikie allegations as "nonsense".

Visy 'uses bikies as debt collectors', Hells Angels implicated


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