torsdag 28 januari 2010


 Swedish Policecheif jailed for rape 28. January 2010 17.41 Abroad

A former senior police cheif in Sweden is jailed on suspicion of several cases of sexual crimes, including attempted rape against children.

The senior police cheif was known as a moral model in Sweden, where he has held many lectures on gender and sexual harassment.

Now he is himself in custody on suspicion of rape of a young woman and the attempted sexual assault against children.

Planned rape against children
According to the allegations he raped a young woman in southern Stockholm a year ago, and he must have tried or planned gross rape of children in Falun, Solna and Stockholm this year.

He was arrested on Monday when he was in Falun, and police suspect him of having been there to take a young girl whom he would rape . According to Swedish media reports the man is brought into contact with his victims on the Internet.

The former Police Commissioner denies having done anything wrong and have denied custody.

During the investigation of the matter it is found,that the former Police Commissioner was in a kind of sex network. Police have on the man's computer and cell phone identified the names of several men, several of which are well knowned sex criminals in Sweden, writes Swedish media.

So like the bikers you now know that all Police officers are potential sex criminals - same rules for everybnody - guilty by Association .
So everytime you see a police patrol car, or police officer , hang on to your daughters and children cause they are members of the same criminal organisation as the police commisioner who is held on the charges. No excuse - like the biker clubs is dosnt matter that the police officers in the patrol unit dont konw the man - They whear the same colors and therefor they are all rapists and child abusers ........
You see the point .

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