söndag 7 oktober 2012

Sixteen Outlaws Arrested in Massive Police Raid

Four members and followers of the motorcycle club Outlaws were arrested yesterday evening in an extensive police operation spanning several municipalities. That same evening they were brought before a judge in Reykjanes District Court, where one-week custody over them was demanded. The suspects are three men and one woman, the leader of Outlaws included.

He was sentenced to five years in prison in 2001 for smuggling 5,000 ecstasy pills to the country. The judge has yet to decide whether he is to be taken into custody but agreed to the custody demand in regards to the other suspects, Fréttablaðið reports. http://www.icelandreview.com/icelandreview/daily_news/Sixteen_Outlaws_Arrested_in_Massive_Police_Raid_0_394108.news.aspx

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