onsdag 27 oktober 2010

Hells Angels sue luxury fashion house

The world of edgy high fashion has collided with the legal grit of the Hells Angels motorcycle group in a US lawsuit that accuses the Alexander McQueen fashion house of misusing the Angels’ trademarked winged death’s head symbol.

A complaint filed in federal court in California on Monday by the Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation (HAMC) alleges that the Alexander McQueen brand, owned by France’s PPR luxury group, breached trademark protections.

It cites a four-finger “Hell’s Knuckle Duster” ring, available in gold or silver for $495, that carries a winged death’s head design, and a $2329 women’s handbag with a similar motif.
It also cites a $1,595 dress and a $560 silk scarf with designs that incorporate what the HAMC alleges are also trademark-protected symbols.

Mer modebilder:

Hells Angels stämmer modehuset Alexander McQueen efter att det olovandes använt motorcykelklubbens logga. Det skriver Financial Times.

Hells Angels saksøker motehus


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  1. De har ju kopierat märket exakt vad jag kan se , men det räcker väl med att den ser någorlunda likadan ut tror jag

  2. "Fuck the law" gäller tydligen inte alltid.